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Whether you are new to investments (real estates, stocks, retirement, etc) or quite familiar with the topic, this site will have something that will pick your interests or bring a few laughs. HomeVestopedia is not about selling any personal products or services. It is merely to share investment experiences and ideas with whoever is interested. This website may be compensated through advertising, affiliate programs, or otherwise. This is how I keep the site up and running. Thanks for your support!

The person behind HomeVestopedia:

Me & My Baby

Howdy y'all! My name is Thuy (just like "Twee", and if based on your auto-corrector, it could be "Thug" or "They"). I suppose I could be a "Thug"; it's on my insurance card lol. Here is the short version of About Me:

  • live in Dallas, TX
  • a wannabe blogger sharing her investment experiences and ideas
  • live a frugal and simple lifestyle (although sometimes I want the Kardashian's lifestyle )
  • have no student loan debt, credit card debt
  • enjoy being financially free, debt free, and stress free
  • trade stocks; for the record, I am not a gambler, I am an investor (sometimes not a smart one), but absolutely not a gambler!
  • have a full-time IT job; I like what I do
  • can't swim for shit but love the ocean; beach destination, baby!
  • have terrible grammars and writing skills, so please forgive me for my writing skills

Here's the long version of About Me

I started investing in real estates in 2009 with no logical idea what I was doing. What I do know at that time was that I wanted to get some passive income so that I could be financially free, debt free, and stress free. Actually, I had no debt (no college debt, credit card debt) because I learned to live frugally during my college years so that I could save enough money to get into the real estate investment world. I bought my first investment property in cash but I learned later, through experiences and researching, that I should finance and keep cash in hand. In other words, I use banks money to earn money, while my cash is sitting in my bank account for other investments.

Fun and Free

love climbing trees and get splinters

I crave money so in addition to real estate investments, I also trade stocks and invest in mutual funds and ETFs hoping to get more passive income. Any accounts that I could open to invest in, such as 401k, IRA, HSA, etc, I opened. Similar to real estate investment, I jumped into stocks in 2011 without really knowing anything about the stock market or how to start buying/trading stocks. But to gain something, you must take some risks. I did just that and started buying some safe stocks, then eventually I started day trading, then I started options trading. But honestly, between my real estate investments and stocks investments, real estate investments is the one that's bringing in more money. With stocks, it's very rocky.

bichon dog

My World!

I have a full time job in IT and have worked as an Account Executive, Business Analyst, Product Manager, and Project Manager. I don't plan to quit any time soon. I like my job. Say what???? I am greedy and crave money! Others can walk away from a 6-figure income. Not me. I am too greedy to walk away.

I have a bichon who runs my life. My world revolves around  him! I don't like to cook and don't cook for anyone, not even for myself, but I cook for him. He needs his walk about 2-3 times a day.  Yes, it's my fault that he gets that spoiled!

Fun and Free

I am badass at paddle boarding

As for hobbies, I really don't have much now that I am becoming an oldie . I do like to play racquetball, shoot pool (some may say I am a pool shark), and being outdoors. I love interior decorations and home renovations and have done a few.

Now that you know a little about me, actually a lot, please navigate my blog and let me know what you think. Share with others if you feel any article is helpful. Any comments, feedback/suggestions are absolutely welcomed and appreciated! I do hope that you get something out of reading my blog, as I hope to learn something from you. Enjoy reading and have a good one!

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